India's state government launched an investigation into the death of 12 babies in a hospital on the same day

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A Maharashtra Hospital in India where 12 babies died on the same day has raised questions. The Maharashtra government announced on October 3rd that it had launched an investigation.

According to reports on the scene, including 12 infants, including 24 people died in the Maharashtra Nandade District of Shankara o Chavan public hospital. Hospital officials said in an interview with Indian media on the 3rd, 12 adults died of liver failure and renal failure.

According to the person in charge, there is no shortage of drugs and medical staff in hospitals. The hospital provided appropriate treatment, but the patient's body did not respond to the treatment, "Which led to death.".

Shankarrao Chavan Public Hospital was still overcrowded on the 3rd. Resident Jorge Solanki said his brother's one-day-old baby died at the hospital on the first day, the fifth to die that day. "There are four more babies ahead," he said. The hospital's neonatology department was overcrowded, and the incubator that was supposed to take care of one baby contained four or five babies.

Senior Rahul Gandhi of the Opposition Congress party have taken to social media to criticise the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for "Spending a lot of money on self-promotion but not on medicines for children".

In August, 18 patients died within 24 hours at a hospital in the Tana district of Maharashtra state, and the state government ordered an investigation.