World Health Organization: no new cases of Nipah virus have been found in India

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Two fatal cases of Nipah virus were reported in kozekod district in the southern Indian state of Kerala in the middle of last month. According to the World Health Organization's latest statement, since September 15, India has not found more new cases.

World Health Organization said Oct. 3 that Indian health authorities have tested 387 samples since Sept. 12, including six confirmed cases of Nipah virus infection between Sept. 12 and 15, no additional cases have been detected since 15 September.

As of 27 September, India has tracked 1,288 contacts with confirmed cases, including high-risk contacts and health care workers. They have been placed under isolation and health surveillance for 21 days.

The World Health Organization says all but one of the first cases were contacts of the first infected person at home or in a hospital.

Nipah virus disease is listed by the World Health Organization as one of 10 potential high-risk infectious diseases requiring attention in 2018. The virus attacks the lungs and brains of humans and animals, with symptoms including fever, headache, lethargy, Coma and confusion. The mortality rates in humans and animals infected with the virus are as high as 75 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

The World Health Organization says this is the sixth outbreak of Nipah virus in India since 2001.

Several outbreaks of Nipah virus, including 21 deaths in 2018, have occurred in Kerala's KOZEKOD district.

Nipah virus was first detected in Malaysia in 1998, mainly in pig farmers and people in close contact with animals. According to World Health Organization, the Virus latency can last from four to 14 days and can last up to 45 days.

There is no specific vaccine or effective treatment for Nipah virus.