The European Union has decided to launch a countervailing investigation into all-electric passenger cars imported from China

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Turkish interior ministry said on October 4 local time, has confirmed the bomb attack in the capital Ankara, the identity of both attackers are members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. The statement said that the investigation launched by the security services is still continuing, Turkey will continue to resolutely combat terrorism, until the elimination of the last terrorist.

On October 1, local time, two terrorists drove a Light commercial vehicle car to the door of the General Security Department of the Turkish Interior Ministry to carry out a bomb attack. One of the terrorists detonated his own bomb, another terrorist was shot dead by the police. Two policemen were slightly wounded in the attack.

Subsequently, the Turkish police quickly launched an investigation, security services across the country launched a large-scale search, 1 night was identified as one of the attackers Kurdistan Workers' Party armed men. That night, Turkish forces launched large-scale air strikes against Kurdistan Workers' Party targets in many parts of northern Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party was founded in 1979 and is classified as a terrorist organization by the Turks, Americans and the European Union. The Kurdistan Workers' Party seeks to establish an independent state by force in Kurdish areas along the Turkish-iraqi, Iranian and Syrian borders. In recent years, the Turks have repeatedly crossed the border against Kurd's forces.