Soft? Canadian Foreign Minister Chorley: Canada wants to hold private talks with India

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Canadian Foreign Minister Chorley said the same day, the Canadian hope to hold private talks with the Indian to resolve the Canadian citizen Nigel was killed caused by the diplomatic dispute. Earlier reports said India had asked Canada to withdraw 41 diplomats, Reuters said.


Earlier in the day, the Financial Times reported that the Indian government had told the Canadian government it had until October 10 to withdraw 41 diplomats from India, and threatened to revoke their diplomatic immunity. Reported that at present there are 62 Canadian diplomats in India. On Sept. 22, India announced a moratorium on new visas for Canadians and asked Ottawa to reduce its diplomatic presence in the country.

Neither Mr Chorley nor Trudo, the Canadian Prime Minister, responded to questions about the accuracy of the FT report.

We are in touch with the Indian government, we take the safety of Canadian diplomats very seriously and we will continue to do this in private because we think that diplomatic dialogue is best done in private,” Chorley told reporters.

Trudo said his government did not want the dispute to escalate. “We take this very seriously and we will continue to engage the Indian government responsibly and constructively,” Trudo told reporters on another occasion.

Earlier, Indian foreign minister Jason Su said Indian diplomats in Canada faced a“Climate of violence” and“An atmosphere of intimidation”. In Canada, the existence of Sikh separatism groups has frustrated New Delhi.

On September 18th Trudo made an emergency speech in which he laid “Explosive charges” against the Indian government, said Canadian security agencies had been closely pursuing a“Credible allegation” of a potential link between Indian government agents and the killing of the Canadian citizen Nigel. Nijal, a Sikh leader who was listed as a terrorist by the Indian government in July 2020, was gunned down outside a Sikh cultural centre in Surrey County, Columbia, Canada, in June.